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Jewelia - ‘Flowers’

Jewelia is a London-based singer-songwriter and producer, originally from Romania. Her music is a mixture of nostalgia-infused indie pop and piano-powered fairy tales. In 2020 she is writing and releasing a song on the 20th of every month, as part of her Project2020.

Jewelia’s eclectic style takes influences from the music of piano-driven songstresses like Kate Bush and Tori Amos and more modern pop artists such as Lana del Rey, Marina or Billie Eilish.

Her music stays within the realms of pop, while exploring different facets of it with different releases. The debut album ‘City of My Mind’ was an ambitious chamber pop venture, with prominent orchestral instruments and occasional electronic, experimental and even psychedelic undertones.

With her latest EP (‘This Love Song is Better Left Unsung’) and Project2020, Jewelia is heading towards simpler arrangements and more straightforward bedroom pop, featuring retro-sounding synths, airy electric guitars and vocoded vocals.

What is Project2020?

12 months - 12 songs. Every month in 2020 I will write, record and release a new song, on the 20th of each month.

Why have you decided to start this?

Project2020 was born out of a need to reconnect with music in a world where time is more and more scarce. It was both a challenge and a new year resolution, with the intention of pushing my creativity and forcing myself to find time to create music and share it with the world. I am also known to labour over songs for a very long time, so this gave me short, tangible deadlines to work towards.

What will you do with the songs once they are finished?

After the project ends, I will get all songs mastered together to release as a full album called “Millennial”, which will contain an additional three brand new bonus tracks that people wouldn’t have heard before.

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