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JOE!PALMER took all he needed out of South Manchester to go and express himself through music elsewhere. Turning ‘Conflict’ into calm, there’s a natural swirl and stagger to his flow that can’t be pigeon-holed. Remaining in a rhythmic spoken word style, nothing is predetermined or pre-established.

‘PlaYbook’, his debut mixtape uses an eclectic diverse set of instruments; from African/Caribbean instruments, woodwind and bells that drone alongside low-fi piano and spanish guitar - all played by himself. Representing a range of styles, the beats bounce back to the 90s as they drop in and out in, bending and lending to the voice that details debt, doubt and devotion to music.

His love for rap started early and remains pure. A self-taught pianist and guitarist, he once performed A Tribe Called Quest’s Can I Kick It? at a school talent show, aged 10 years old. Nowadays, he's influenced by the likes of Wretch 32, George the Poet, Maverick Sabre, Cadet, Plan B - and long time Manchester friend Michael Murray of Prose.

‘PlaYbook’ is eclectic and effortless. Tracks like opener ‘Stay Calm’ and ‘Conflict’ are gritty and cathartic, funky, and full of feeling. The 27-year-old went from South Manchester to East Bristol in 2013 which gave the young artist room to explore new musical territories, realizing new influences such as Afro-Beat and Dancehall, which can be heard particularly on ‘One Life’, ‘No Words’ and ‘Fiesta’.

In a matter of days, ‘PlaYbook’ hit 4,000 plays on Spotify capturing a global audience. It seems JOE!PALMER is surfacing from the underground after ten years writing and recording under different guises.

He already has plans for the summer with a stripped back, low-production acoustic EP in its early stages. Keeping it seasonal, there might be something coming this winter too!

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