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Jonathan Lobo Releases Debut Single

This is Jonathan's first release and he's excited to share it with you.

Jonathan is a singer-songwriter based out of Dubai, UAE that has played, sang and been in love with music his entire life. His music is storytelling about love, life and other commonalities with most songs founded on simple lyrics, piano melodies and tasteful production.

A year ago he created a playlist on Spotify called "Lobo's Favourite Finds". Since then its been my dream to get onto other peoples playlists.

The Cost is based on a dream of a bird that gives in to the societal pressures of perfection and beauty while compromising on itself and real relationships. The bird, dressed in a red coat leaves the confines of home, family and friends to enjoy the attentions and glamour of the world which ultimately leads to its downfall.

This song is a meant to provoke and cause listeners to reflect on the way we live.

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