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Joon's Second Life - Mass Medium

After going through a fatal intestine loss in 2016, Joon realized how valuable life was to him. While he was hospitalized for one year, he thought about what he could do to make other people’s life as valuable as to him. Living his Second Life in London, the guitarist, keyboardist, and songwriter inspired by Jazz, R&B, Gospel, and Electronic music, Joon looks forward to adding value to your life with colorful harmony.

Joon grew up in South Korea learning classical piano while young, but he hated it so much that he had to run away to avoid piano lessons. Later he was introduced to electric guitar, and joined the school band playing rock. He further went on to study various genres such as Jazz, Pop, Soul, and Funk. Moved to UK recently, he released his first single ‘Mass Medium’.

The song is about two sides of media, featuring the theme of day and night.

Joon witnessed the impeachment of president and the reaction of media on it while in South Korea, and thought media could easily control people's mind to their taste. Living through a world with information overload, Joon saw the need to filter out information which constantly explodes right at his face. When he was on the flight to Vietnam, he experienced a unique scene with the moon on his right and the sun on his left. Something just linked the scene to the positive and negative sides of media, and there the song was given its birth.

Joon wants people to still enjoy and develop using various media yet be more aware that media can influence their mind and thoughts subconsciously and massively.

The song features all instruments played, recorded, programmed, and mixed by Joon, with vocal performance by Tehillah.

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Discovered via Musosoup