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Julie E Gordon - Warriror in Woolworths

Manchester songstress Julie E Gordon is used to sharing vocals with Shaun Ryder on Happy Monday’s tours. Julie now steps on the stage alone with her version of the Polystyrene classic Warrior in Woolworths.

This new project, produced by Mike Bennett is set to see Julie E Gordon in a new light with a deep fusion of Asian fury. This release pays homage to the late Polystyrene in which Julie has recently become a huge fan. 

Julie’s music encapsulates a signature that not only comes across as mesmerizing but also is incredibly canticle in every sense of musical disciplines. Julie has been noted for creating exquisite sounds, with memorable hooks that remain embedded in the listener’s ears for time. She is a talent that has marked a new era for British Electric Soul, fused with rhythms’ that not only captivates her audience but also leaves them wanting more. Julie as a writer and producer has proved that anything is possible – she has remained loyal to her sound, her history is a map of collaborations with International acts, a world tour and a homemaker.

Currently, she is now working on a new release with the notable Author and renowned producer of Doctor and the Medics, Dianne Charmelange, The Stranglers and Bananarama.

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