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Rising Hip-Pop Rapper KAYPAIGE Releases Catchy Summer Anthem “CREW”

BOSTON, MA | Hip-Pop Rapper KAYPAIGE Delivers Catchy Summer Anthem “CREW”, out May 29th, 2021

Popping with fun vocals, catchy melodic instrumentation, and an earworm hook, “CREW” emerges as the perfect anthem for anyone ready to finally get back to real life. The lyrics celebrate time spent out with friends, shouting proudly “Tell them that’s my crew!”

The track is an international production, reflecting KAYPAIGE’s travels, being produced in Spain, recorded in South Korea, and finished in the United States. In fact, KAYPAIGE is also to release a “Seoul Version” of the song featuring Korean Rapper “SadBoy JB”.

Known for her viral personality on social media and travels abroad, KAYPAIGE is excited to share this energetic track with listeners. “I like to experiment with sounds, but this track really embodies the fun energy I like to share with my followers - light turn up vibes!"

The young rapper is also hoping to reflect expectations for this coming summer. ‘I think it’s the perfect time to release this song, ‘CREW’. The world is finally starting to open back up and I think we’re all excited to link back up with our crews and get into some trouble! Good trouble, I mean...”

KAYPAIGE (born September 5, 1996) is an American rapper and singer born in Massachusetts. In 2017, she gained notoriety as a YouTube personality with the creation of her viral YouTube channel and label "Young! Music" in which she reviewed popular global music releases with various guests. 2020 saw the release of her three singles Chase Me, Hate You, and Love It - featuring Korean artists as part of a Seoul, Korea based project. Following this, KAYPAIGE moved back to America and gained a following from her release “Higher Than”, popular Tiktok series, and YouTube Storytimes. With the goal of creating “music for living”, KAYPAIGE hopes to touch as many people as possible with her catchy tunes. With over 50 million views worldwide, it seems that she is well on her way.