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If there was ever a band that could combine LCD Soundsystem’s art/electro/punk swagger with Super Furry Animal’s pop sensibility... well that’s KIM HON. They are a band with the edge of your seat creative danger of The Fall and train of thought fearless lyrics that bounce off the walls as graffiti slogans in the making!

KIM HON was formed this year in a flurry of creative energy by Iwan Llŷr (Guitar, Keys, Music) and Iwan Fôn (Vocals, Lyrics), also founding members of the popular North Wales band Y Reu.

‘Twti Ffrwti’ their debut single is a slacker, big beat anthem with trailblazing Welsh electronic bands such as Traddodiad Ofnus and Tŷ Gwydr deep in its DNA. It’s a song about a little bit of everything like all their material... mountains, milkshakes, partying, the colour purple, boredom, drinking in the sun, smoking, Super Ted, Aston Villa promotion...!

The single was recorded by Robin Llwyd, mixed by Steffan Pringle (Estrons, KEYS, Adwaith) and mastered by Charlie Francis(R.E.M, Future Of The Left, Sweet Baboo).

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