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“Kipp Boucher’s artistic aesthetic and unflinching musical talent proves him to be one to watch for 2019” HUNGER Magazine

Although just 23, this Brighton-born, Hackney-based crooner puts his deepest, darkest thoughts into his creations: touching open matters troubling him and painting a picture of the existential crises 2019 has us facing. In Kipp Boucher’s mesmerising music, he muses over life’s most unfair trials in a series of chaotic, frenzied trains of thought, juxtaposed by delicately composed melodies and determined drums. Yet in the artist’s new single, ‘Evil’, Kipp is able to summarise his feelings in one, repeated question: “What kind of god says it’s not evil?”

Speaking on the new single ‘Evil’, premiering on HUNGER Magazine, Kipp says:

“God and religion is a topic that comes up a fair bit in my writing - there’s definitely an element of fascination with the whole thing, but mostly I feel that I’m picking holes and taking little digs at it all. I often have a real hard time collating the sentences that fly through my head, but with this song I found that I could get my entire point across in that one reiterated line…the rest of my songs barely repeat a chorus the same, so it was super refreshing to do one like this.”

When launching his solo project in 2017, Kipp had the original intention of scaling back the instrumentation and taking his song-writing back to basics. Not long after this decision, he began to obsess over artists like Scott Walker and Leonard Cohen and, soon, his stripped back vibe had become an orchestrally fleshed out widescreen picture - with ‘Evil’ even culminating in a sensual saxophone solo. Following the release of his first EP, A Spirit of Decay, Kipp formed his live band The Current Fantasy, with whom he has been gigging across London for just under a year.

The rising star’s previous single ‘No God’s Sea’ also premiered on HUNGER, who described it as “a delicate ode to a time passed with a skillful relevancy worked in”. The song came accompanied by a playful B-movie Western style video directed by Boucher with close friend and frequent collaborator Jon Prentice.

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