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Korpimetal crew Blood Region presents a new singer Annika with their latest single Warrior Heart

Finnish Blood Region released a new single and music video for a brand new track Warrior Heart. At the same time they announce a new singer Annika Jalkanen.

"Warrior Heart is definately best from Blood Region music. With elements from Tales of the Backwoods album and new musical themes it offers amazing listening experience.

Annika's voice gave a lot of fresh power and new page turns again in story. It's been great to work on this song with these wonderful and talented people. There is much good energy in this song, it's been fascinating to see this song grow from the start to this magical result." -says guitarist Mika

Annika continues:

"We're old friends with Mika and he asked to sing this song. I really like previous Blood Region songs and believed this new one to be awesome track, so I agreed to join and sing. I have not sing Blood Region style music before, so it gave good challenges to my singing. One can say, it's been really creative and productive experience being out of the comfort zone in some degrees in my singing."

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