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Krooked Kings shares Fool’s Gold

Salt Lake City-bred Krooked Kings are known for their “landlocked beach rock” sound: woozy vocals, reverb-soaked guitar riffs, and finely tuned rhythms. Today, the band returns with ‘Fool’s Gold’, a new single that mixes indie-rock with masterfully arranged layers of pop production.

Elegantly layered guitar melodies and powerful vocals take on a bright edge on ‘Fool’s Gold’, with its mesmerizing bassline and synth-driven outro complimenting the song gracefully. The track tells the common story of spending too much time wanting someone to change then realizing that it's finally time to drop it and move on. “After spending all this time coming to that simple realization, it’s really freeing to have that person out of your headspace,” Krooked Kings frontman Oli Martin said.

Conceived in the dingy basement of a fraternity house and born into a world of light beer and flannel shirts, Krooked Kings is a blend of diverse influences: from classic rock roots of the Grateful Dead and Led Zeppelin, to folk singer songwriter Bon Iver, to contemporary pop stars like James Taylor, all contributing to their unique punch-drunk cocktail of beachy indie rock. Composed of singer/songwriter Oliver Martin, guitarist Paul Colgan, synth wizard Dave Macey and serial chiller/bassist Matt Monoson, the eclectic band has built a loyal following through their energetic live sets and down-to-earth, not-taking-themselves-too-seriously internet persona. ‘Fool’s Gold’ is just the start, the beginning of many exciting things to come in the weeks, months and years ahead.


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