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Kyle Maher shares his new single 'Better'

There’s nothing like a mix of success, heartbreak and eye surgery to help shift your perception. Kyle Maher has had all of that within the past two years, his latest single Better the end result of reflection, humility and creative extension. Kyle Maher started off 2019 strong releasing his first single Serenity which went on to be featured in an episode of Netflix original series Terrace House: Tokyo, developing a dedicated fanbase from the many viewers of the program. Kyle also played shows constantly around his home town of Darwin, the height was playing at BASSINTHEGRASS 2019 alongside Hilltop Hoods, Amy Shark and Mallrat.

This relative success all happened throughout a time where a long-term relationship ended and Kyle suffered serious trauma. After crashing his ex-girlfriends car and moving out from living with her, Kyle wound up in hospital needing eye surgery after his new housemate assaulted him. During his 7 day recovery in hospital, Kyle was visited by his ex-girlfriend. Kyle, seeing her compassion in context of the trouble he’d caused, was humbled and inspired. She deserved better. Healing in the wake of concurrent ups and downs, Kyle had time to integrate his many lessons.

Kyle’s latest track Better is a collaboration with German producer OUHBOY, who most notably worked on Dripreport’s track Skechers, sees Kyle continue his exploration of lyricism as the main point of his self-expression. Understandably, this finds Kyle exploring rap as a medium for vocalising his experiences and the lessons learnt. Better floats like a cherry blossom and hits both the head and the heart like a kendo combo, Kyle Maher is broadening the scope of his self-expression and with it the realities of the lessons he has learnt.



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