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KYRI returns with stunning new EP 'Waves'

With his previously shared singles ‘Red River’ and ‘Sanctuary’ receiving praise from the likes of Clash Magazine, Earmilk, Gay Times, Going Solo, Mystic Sons, Spindle Magazine Selects, Foundation FM & BBC Introducing, emerging London-based artist KYRI now returns to cement his strong ascent of late with the release of his debut EP ‘Waves’, led by the new single ‘Internet’.

Capturing the bright and euphoric majesty that he has always looked to create, ‘Waves’ sees him deliver a truly spellbinding release, filled with sweeping and engaging tones throughout. His new offering ‘Internet’, produced by Federico Bigonzetti (Rumours), is one of those rare records that manages to project raw and passionate emotion without resorting to a ballad-esque aesthetic. With its vibrant and energetic direction, KYRI centres the listener with his projecting, angelic voice and runs us through this wide and vibrant web of soaring production and diverse instrumentation.

Speaking about his new collection, he said, “My debut EP ‘Waves’ is a bittersweet, personal collection of songs about waves of water, sound, electricity, energy, emotion, pain, hope, healing & change. 

In ‘Internet’, I wanted to explore my generation’s relationship with the internet and its effects on our mental & emotional health/wellbeing. In these crazy dystopian times we find ourselves in, we’re pouring more and more of ourselves into social media than ever before. I think we’ve created such a ‘worship-like culture’ with online popularity which can really mess with the ego, so It was fun to run with this idea in a tongue & cheek, dark, more avant-garde kind of way.”

Feeling its way through both storms and stillness, KYRI’s dreamlike music fearlessly speaks of love, loss and hope, through honest emotion and boundless imagination.

With songs that first found themselves at home on his piano, KYRI has unpacked his pursuit of joy at London’s legendary British Grove Studios with producers Martin Hollis (Tom Walker/Adele), Gabrielle Gifford (Harvey Causon/Maya Law) & Federico Bigonzetti (Rumours). Together, they have intelligently crafted a sublime sound that places KYRI’s unique voice as the centrepiece.

Passionate about the enriching words of author Eckharte Tolle & inspired by nature, LGBTQIA+ rights and his Greek ancestry, KYRI’s ethereal music explores themes of higher consciousness, mental health, connectedness of all life & positive personal growth.

With stories of hardship & darkness and the search for peace and light, KYRI’s atmospheric, electronic soundscapes and gospel inspired harmony invite you into his forest of feeling.

Shining brightly, and with a refined grandeur distinctly his, KYRI surrenders to the universe with his stunningly emotive debut EP ‘Waves’. Placing that aforementioned, transcendent vocal at the forefront, he introduces you to his eclectic, articulate and expressive soundscape, demonstrating his melodic storytelling prowess with aplomb.

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