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Last Day Set ft Ed Sykes

Ed Sykes having released the infectious debut single 'Whiplashed' last year on Maniac Squat Records featuring special guest Mike Garson (David Bowie) and Jon Povey ( The Pretty Things) now releases Geraldine, his joint collaboration with Last Day Sect.

Ed co-wrote 'Geraldine' with Last Day Sect and the song was inspired by the character set in the 'Christabel' poem by Samuel Taylor Coleridge and it features on their current 'Gothic Novel' album which also features collaborations from Kevin Armstrong (David Bowie/Iggy Pop) and Reeves Gabrels (The Cure/David Bowie)

Ed has a full live band 'The Sonic Oscillators' to back him live and he has so far enjoyed a smattering of well received London shows. His Shamanic performances have been noted for their intensity and leaving audiences spellbound.

In 2018 he produced British Psych Icon Twink's 'Think Pink 3' album that has since received only rave reviews. He has been asked to produce Jon Povey (The Pretty Things) debut solo album.

Ed recently had one of his previous promo videos he co -produced selected and featured in The Mount Fuji Independent Film Festival 2019.

Ed is currently in talks with a film director about making a Sci Fi themed promo for his next single 'Some Praying Mantis'

Born in Bury St Edmunds Ed Sykes has led an interesting musical path. His last band before going solo in 2017 was Colchester-based So-Called Humans. Over the years his work within bands has gained favourable reviews from John Earl (9/10 Single review) and he has appeared on a John Peel Radio show playing 4 track demos. Damon Albarn recommended a self-produced white label EP to an equally impressed Parlophone Records. More recently, Ed has become equally recognised for his production skills. He has produced founding Pink Fairy member Twink’s 2018 album Think Pink III. Ed also has writing credits on the album, currently receiving rave reviews.

Ed has also recently assisted with some of the mixing as well as guested on guitar and bass on an album with the Star Sponge Vision band. The soon to be released album ‘Crowley And Me’ on Mega Dodo is the brain-child of ex Pretty Thing Jon Povey and Twink who have brought together some of the finest musicians to record an album of music to Aleister Crowley’s poems.

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