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Laura Evans Single Release Drag Me Back In

Laura Evans — a rising star & profound songwriter amongst the new wave of the UK Country, Blues and Roots music scene— is releasing her new single ‘Drag Me Back In’. To accompany it, she’s sharing a brand-new music video. This track is the second single to drop from Laura’s forthcoming EP ‘Running Back to You’, which will be released on July 31st.

‘Drag Me Back In’ follows on the heels of Laura Evans last single ‘Running Back to You’ (the title track from her EP of the same name), which charted and went straight to Number One in the UK iTunes Blues chart. The single also entered the US Blues Chart, peaking at Number 43.

Laura co-wrote Drag Me Back In’ with successful LA soul / blues artist Desi Valentine and producer Nicolas Gruter. London-born Desi Valentine is an L.A.-based artist and songwriter known for his hits "Fate don't you know" which trended globally on Spotify and Shazam.  This collaboration of two unique artists was something special and you can hear the magic of both songwriters influences in every bit of the song.

“I met Desi in 2012 in LA,” explains Laura, “ I knew I wanted to write something soulful and I knew Desi would push me to bring that rockier, edgier side out of me too.”

Laura Evans is best-known for her soul-style ballads & storytelling country leaning melodies.  ‘Drag me Back In’ is a bit different, and unlike other tracks on ‘Running Back to You’. It shows Laura’s range and willingness to step across boundaries. Often compared to Stevie Nicks, this track shows she’s got Bonnie Raitt-style controlled, raw edge and power too.

As for the inspiration behind the song, and its message, Laura explains it this way: “I had just been through a pretty bad break-up. I remember feeling pretty damn angry about it all at the time we wrote this, so needless to say that came across in my verses. The meaning is kinda dark, in that as much as we all know love is hard and heart-breaking, it always gets the better of us and ‘drags us back in’,  so I think that's something we can all relate to.”

The single release of ‘Drag me Back In’ is accompanied by a music video that Laura Evans filmed herself and then handed over to LA based editor, Stevie Teran.

“I shot the video in my hometown in Wales, around deserted roads and country lanes,” she says, “There's also a little dream sequence in there too, with rose petals ha! It will all make sense when you watch it! I wanted to create and show the strong independent, sassy side of a woman alone, paving her own way, as well as the more vulnerable side.

“I shot the video with a friend on my iPhone, we filmed over 2 days and made sure we had enough footage. I think people in my hometown were wondering who was this crazy girl, standing in the middle of the road lip-syncing! Hahaha! But I was really happy with everything we'd captured and then I shared my ideas with my editor friend who knew exactly how to make it all work and edit together for me.”

Enjoy the single and video for ‘Drag Me Back In’ and remember; Laura Evans’ eagerly-awaited EP

‘Running Back to You’ was released on Friday 31st July.

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