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"Lay Out in the Sun" by Fair Visions

On Brooklyn post-punk group Fair Visions’ siren song "Lay Out in the Sun," the realities of a purportedly booming economy run headlong into the deferred dreams of an indebted generation. Songwriter Ryan Work explores his own seduction by ‘things left undone’: the forced march of an adulthood offering only stolen glimpses of freedom. (Meanwhile, the onset of global pandemic and “social distancing” has only further twisted the chorus’ ironic longing for a carefree spring day:Don't you want to lay out in the sun? / And get away from everyone / You wake, you eat, you work, go home and repeat / Oh don't you want to lay out in the sun?)

A timely single for our strange times, "Lay Out in the Sun" sees Fair Visions’ sonic palette broaden to include falsetto harmonies and acoustic guitar that sit tensely alongside the group’s trademark synthesizers and sequenced drum loops. What would it be like to throw it all away, to settle for someone else’s dreams? That perfect afternoon strums itself to life, if you dare to reach for it. - Miles Hewitt

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