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Lee Christian- I've Got Something 4 U

Oxford/Bath UK based eclectic electronic solo artist Lee Christian releases i'Ve GoT SoMeTHiNG 4 u (badd 4 u mix)

When the track kicked off recent album 'Vocation', it was more of an upbeat dance pop statement of intent for that album and what it held in store. The music was made by teenage Ennio Morricone and Faithless inspired producer Cookiegemz so in keeping with her youthful energy, we recently asked teenage filmmaker Jules Hawking  to cook up a video for it. This in turn demanded a slight revision of the track, so Lee made a new slightly darker industrial flavoured mix. Placed in the context of the new video the song and lyric solidifies as more of a celebration of music itself and it’s benefits, especially when compared or contrasted with other pursuits and vices.Take a look at this promo video below

For 'Vocation', Lee Christian's 6th solo record in 5 years, (working separately from his bands Smilex & The Prohibition Smokers' Club) rather than write, perform and produce everything as he has done so far, Lee decided to work with many talented producers (previous collaborators and brand new), focussing instead solely on lyrics, melodies and harmonies.

Taking inspiration from David Bowie’ s departure from the shock rock glam of Ziggy and experimental explorations of the Thin White Duke, for the contemporary R&B sheen of Nile Rodgers produced classic Let’s Dance. The result is his most immediate collection of songs for a decade, a sprawling yet cohesive set, including Electronica, Dance, Hip Hop, Soul, RnB, Funk and more from over a dozen beat makers from around the world.

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