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Leon C and his band begin a navigation through grief with new single

Leon is an upcoming artist based between Southampton and Birmingham who is influenced by a range of Folk and Jazz from the 60s till now. He would be keen to gain press coverage both before and after release for his new single. He is also keen to share reviews, features and interviews with his following to forward them onto your publication.

Leon has found recently that grief can come from more than just death. Losing his father opened up wells of pain, leaving Leon reflecting on the time he had with his best friend and the lessons he had learned before his passing. “Lady of June”, from his upcoming EP “The Eulogist”, tackles a grief that occurs when we lose a part of ourselves. Lady of June aims to personify the conversation we have within ourself when on the edge of giving up, and the way that our introspection can cause both fear and relief, whether with the Lady of June, or any other character in our head.

Lady of June also show’s Leon’s new band in action. Recorded during lock down, Leon took friends with a common love of jazz, to inflect his folk-rock with a new mood and ambience. Expect a mix of shimmering guitars, soulful Saxophones, warm keys and a tasteful rhythm section (with a hint of mandolin and Glockenspiel as a treat).

Lady of June was released on the 17th October 2020, and The Eulogist will be released on the 26th December 2020, both on all major platforms.

In three short years, Leon C has shifted motivation a number of times. From a boy requiring a confidence boost, to an artist recording in the spaces that hold and once held legends.

No longer engrossed only by pop music and the music of the 60s folk revival, Leon dipped his toes into folk rock in the US, live Jazz, traditional Celtic Folk as well as other genres to explore and create a new sound. Since the release of his debut album “Please” in 2018, Leon has spent a lot of time experimenting with different ways to showcase his music.

Leon has made a name for himself as an artist who carves his own music, his own way. With an appearance on BBC Introducing, shows at O2 Academy Birmingham and self-booked tours across the UK, Leon’s new sense of open mindedness and love for the exploration of music has shown endless possibilities for his future.

“He fuses fine musicianship with inspiring lyrics” - BuzzMusic

“‘I Was Meant To Love’ is a triumph of modern folk, revealing Leon C to be both a consummate musician and articulate lyricist.” - Riff Raff Blog

“Leon performed at our Sofar event in Southampton, his unique vocals, guitar playing and song writing sets him apart from other songwriters. He’s a talent of his generation” – Steve Lowis, Sofar Southampton