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Lethbridge Owen new single & live dates

Lethbridge Owen announce their latest live performance dates and have also recently performed an impressive session online, performing material from their debut album Mind Over Matter — for Anderton Music Co’s YouTube channel — showcasing the calibre of their material and musicianship.

Lethbridge Owen brings together singer/songwriters Kelly Louise Lethbridge and Jimmy Owen. They form a talent-rich partnership, writing and performing original music with top-quality musicianship.

“Put simply, Lethbridge Owen are arguably what ‘The Rumours’ line-up of Fleetwood Mac could have been if they hadn’t imploded. Superb!! I love the little percussive pushes, pristine harmonies, lovely production and intricate guitar work - it all flows!” Pete Feenstra

“’Mind Over Matter’ is defiantly different - a celebration of cerebral musicianship that nevertheless manages to retain a radio-friendly accessibility. Glory in its diversity. Celebrate its candid creativity. And take heart from the fact that Lethbridge Owen possess the self-confidence required to make a record that steadfastly refuses to follow trends or chase genre classification.

This album requires an open mind, an acceptance that variety is the spice of life, and that original songwriting knows no bounds. Rock? At times. Pop? Maybe. Country? Definitely. Americana and blues? Sure. Lethbridge Owen tick so many boxes on this deeply affecting record that it’s impossible to pigeonhole. Owen’s blistering solo on ‘Back To The Blue’ proves beyond doubt that nothing is off limits and everything is possible. Chasing that distinctive signature sound might prove to be the duo’s downfall, but it could catapult Lethbridge Owen into the big leagues.

There are moments, when Lethbridge Owen are at their most compelling, that classic Fleetwood Mac meets the Rolling Stones. Then there are mellow breaks where the Ward Thomas-esque radio-friendly country pop comes to the fore. And when Jimmy Owen really lets rip – complemented by Kelly Louise Lethbridge’s soulful verve – it’s like listening to Tedeschi Trucks Band at their wondrous and expansive best. On ‘Leaving Home’ and ‘Taking Over Me’ the fret work is simply sublime, but Lethbridge Owen are at their best when sweet vocal harmonies vie for top billing with big bluesy riffs – the Tom Petty-esque ‘Fight For You’ is a classic case in point.” Simon Rushworth, Rush on Rock

“Lethbridge Owen’s new music crosses genre boundaries with panache and class; echoes of Fleetwood Mac with a modern, vibrant application and fully from the heart. Thoughtful, fresh and engaging, this is music that everyone should give a chance. It will richly reward those that do.” Great Music Stories - featured artist - Guy Bellamy

“Lethbridge Owen's always immaculate vocals, subtle and mature songwriting combined with stellar performances all round and with Jimmy Owen’s fantastic tone and incredible guitar playing make this band a must see. Lethbridge Owen really is one to watch out for." John Dryland (Cargo Records)

“Jimmy Owen is an incredible guitarist – fabulous playing.Guitarist Magazine

WOW! You’ll go far. Great vocals and playing and of course, great songs. Congrats.” Marcus Malone - Malone/Sibunn Band (Robert Plant, Led Zeppelin)

Check out the Andertons Music Co’s session, Lethbridge Owen’s live dates, and their Mind Over Matter album for yourself to enjoy some of the brightest new singer/songwriter talent on the music scene today. 

Tour Dates:

25/8     Meraki Festival, St Albans w/The Shires 1/9        Time Off Festival, Lingfield, Surrey  3/ 9 Half Moon, Putney 12 / 11 Beaverwood Club, Chislehurst, Kent

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