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Lights A.M. - Shine Our Lights

LIGHTS A.M. presents timeless electronic music from the North.

After the first single teaser «Lightworker», Lights A.M. presents the debut EP «Shine Our Lights».

This 5 track EP feature mostly vocal based tracks with very emotional lyrics dealing with our journey towards a more heart-centered and compassionate state of being without neglecting the darker aspects of our lives.

The unique and cinematic electronic music evolves into melodic dreamwave with a touch of ambient and 80’s pop manifesting that the future is now!

Music from the heart of Erlend Eilertsen also known from the electronic rock band Essence Of Mind, who got into a creative bubble and created LIGHTS A.M. to present his deepest feelings, thoughts and spiritual journey in an emotional as well as uplifting way.

Lights A.M. is also currently working on the debut full length instrumental concept album which currently goes under the working title «Stories Without Words».

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Discovered via Musosoup