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Limpet Space Race - Half Light

Limpet Space Race are an experimental pop duo mishmashing pop, jazz, prog and DIY electronics to bring you ‘sublimely experimental’ songs.

They return with their new music video, following a ‘fascinating’, ‘one of a kind’ debut single video, warmly reviewed and with BBC Radio 6 and BBC Oxford airplay.

“‘Half Light’ is about living between conflicting realities, when two incompatible lives happen in one body. The song draws on different versions of this clash that I’ve seen but mainly on my life with a body that only works half the time - a trade-off from cheating death as a baby. One day I’m wrecked, chucking up and my ‘head is full of air’ and the next I’m running around, cramming in all the life while I can. It feels like two different people, with different existences, memories and personalities. When one of them is in control, the other fades away, only seen in a half light.

The song explores this conflict in lyrics but also two sound worlds as well. Airy vocals, electronic flickerings and homemade electro-kalimba float above the grounded crunchy drums and keys. They all swirl together in the warpy outro - a tribute to the people that somehow connect across both sides.”

Jakes, Limpet Space Race

The music video was made by experimental video artist Siobhán Cox.

“I created the video to give the feeling of losing different bits of yourself, using clouds to interrupt the image and take over the screen. Their soft dreaminess contrasts with the harshness of the glitchy static effect, mirroring the conflict in the song”.

Siobhán Cox.


Limpet Space Race formed in December 2017 with Nicholas O’Brien (Nikò) on percussion/guitar/electronics/clarinet and Hannah Jacobs (Jakes) on vocals/keys/guitar/various-bits-and-bobs. Their ‘fascinating’ sound mixes pop with homemade instruments and electronics, and math pop and prog influences. Jakes and Nikò gig, build sound installations and do experimental collaborations - most recently on a piece for electronics and orchestra, premiered at the Ashmolean Proms with the Oxford St John’s Orchestra. They like to keep things live, not using loops or drums machines, and just having fun with how much noise two people can make. They released their first single and music video, Cartograffiti, in April 2019 with Oxford label Upcycled Sounds Records.

They currently live in Oxford running a recording studio for music, film and documentary. They love their local scene and are at the heart of way too many projects: a 3 day music festival, record label, new music venue and gig series, and an international music exchange programme.

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