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Listen to Henry Alexander's new single Troublemaker

A gritty Collingwood recording studio, golden threads and catchy hooks make 19 year oldHenry Alexander’ssecond release,Trouble Maker stand out.

Trouble Makerdescribes something everyone goes through. Ambition, two steps forward one step back, envy, feeling controlled. When really, just do whatever you want, live however you choose. Just don't hurt anybody. That’s how it feels, that’s what he believes.

“I’m on my feet, but I’m not moving, the whole world is across the street with you” a line from the track; So cross that street, it’s up to you. Never give up.

Henry Alexander’sTrouble Makerwas written and produced late 2019. It was recorded atSing SingandSunset Pigstudios withSam Swainat the helm. Sam is a talented multi-instrumentalist and sound engineer who is also currently playing bass guitar withKilnsandJosh Cashman.Trouble Makerwas mixed byTony Espie(Tuff Tones Music), four times ARIAawards nominee and has worked with artists such asMissy Higgins,The Avalanchesand the late greatRobert Palmer. Tony is now playing a hand with Henry’s studio recordings.

Trouble Maker’sprovocatively retro and positive sensibilities aren’t born out of ironic tribute, but is born of joyful desire to dance and express freely.

“I’m not a Trouble Maker, there’s nothing I need to prove and I don't need your validation” -Henry Alexanderlikes love songs, he has written some butTrouble Makeris not one of them.

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