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Little Bird – O’SULLIVAN

O’SULLIVAN brings his first offering, wrapped in a sound like Peter Bjorn & John-meets-Hozier - Little Bird is an upbeat song packed with warm vibes and a just hint of melancholy.

‘Little Bird’ is the debut song and music video of O’SULLIVAN - the alternate-pop solo project of Ian O’Sullivan, an Irishman who moved to Pécs, Hungary, 11 years ago. The song captures the warmth of the 2020 Indian summer with a hint of melancholy, revisiting old relationships and the freedom and happiness that another person can bring into your life.

After his father encountered health problems and had to undergo open heart surgery in 2018, Ian started to think differently about his own music… that maybe the ‘right time’ never comes, that we should do the things we want to do now, tell the people we love that we love them.. now.

Chasing the last remnants of summer like a moth to a flame, Little Bird is a bittersweet love song to the woman he loves, a summer groove with an indie pop vibe reminiscent of Peter Bjorn and John.

After completing a medical degree in pursuit of the ‘ideal’ life Ian (O’SULLIVAN) turned his back on the safe road, forming a band in a town in the south of Hungary. When their first single hit heavy rotation in the country, the festivals followed and over the last 6 years brought invitations for the band to Reeperbahn (Germany), Sziget (Hungary), Exit (Serbia), Zandari (South Korea) and Wild Mint (Russia) festivals culminating with a concert on the border of North and South Korea – the ‘Peace Train Festival’, with the likes of John Cale (Velvet Underground), Ice Age and Last Train.

Now stepping out on his own, with 6 year’s worth of ‘other’ songs that never saw the light, brings his first release – ‘Little Bird’