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Little Brother Eli - Live Album

Help us fund the mixing and mastering of our first Live Album!

Maybe you were there, maybe you weren't, but at the end of last year we played our favourite show to date at The O2 Academy in Oxford. It was hot, sweaty and intense - we loved it! Thankfully we filmed and recorded the audio from the show. 

Skip forward to early 2019 and we're listening back to the show thinking 'this is too good to keep to ourselves' - so here we are with you!

Help us to fund our first ever live album by pre-ordering it and grab some exclusive rewards at the same time.

On the album you'll get to hear some live versions of songs we've re-worked, new tracks that aren't released yet and a certain cheeky encore track from our first EP that you can't get anywhere anymore.

If we reach our target goal we'll have enough money to mix and mastered the album. Check out footage from the show in the video on this Kickstarter page.

Thank you so much for all the support - there wouldn't be any live shows without you!

Josh, Adam, Alex & Benji - Little Brother Eli

Risks and challenges

We have all the audio from the show already recorded - the Kickstarter will raise money to have it mixed and mastered. We're working with an extremely talented producer Carl Bahner who mixed our last single 'Oops'. Check out his handy work here

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