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LOAstate go from strength to strength with their 6th release‘Same As You’

Playing to a full house during a midday appearance at Neighbourhood Festival 2019 and selling out their first headline show at the iconic Pink Room with SJM Concerts just a month later, this is how LOAstate made their first mark on the scene in late 2019. The five are sending a clear message of big things to come in 2020 - with a placement on Amazon Music’s Best New Bands playlist of their 4th single ‘Blue Skies’ and radio play for their last single ‘Shaolin’ on XS Manchester. The journey continues with the release from their upcoming single ‘Same As You’ on 11th September, accompanied by a DIY, self-directed video.

LOAstate mixes distinctive rock with reflective lyrics and hip hop inspired vocals, taking transatlantic influence and bringing it right back to Manchester. The duality of Sid Cooper and Luke Denvers’ vocals brings bold darkness and melodic light face-to-face, creating the unique voice of this band. Underpinning the whole construct, Ryan Comac (bass), Tom Gorton (guitar) and James Cardus (drums), create a sound that seems so familiar, but still foreign to the place they have emerged from.

Tom says, “‘Same As You’ is a song we wrote in early 2019 inspired by grunge bands such as Nirvana, infused with our own distinctive style. With sparse verses juxtaposed by a wall of sound in the chorus. The music is strengthened by the vocal performance and the polarity of the lyrics.” Sid says, “We delve deep into the psyche with ‘Same As You’ bringing those repressed emotions to the surface, uniting the self with the shadow to create a balance in life. Two opposing sides come together in realising they both feel the same way but have just been expressing these feelings differently creating a conflict now harmoniously resolved.”

LOAstate plan to play some small intimate underground shows with unusual locations in the not too distant future, hoping to build and support the fragile music scene after difficult times post-lockdown. The band are continually looking at ways they can remain interactive with their fans. The band shot some humorous and personal studio diaries from their very recent visit to Vada Studios with producer Matt Terry and engineer George Perks. They’re also excited to carry on their podcast which focuses on insightful conversations with other hardworking artists and creatives — both of which can be found at their YouTube page.