• The Vibe


Picture this: it is spring 2020, the world is wasting away in self-quarantine, and you are under pressure to deliver a music video for your new single. Instead of commissioning an art student to create a lyric video for a mere six-pack of lukewarm beer and then going off to sip a prosecco on your balcony, calm and cool in your silk bathrobe, Tim Freitag have activated their community and organized a lockdown party! Over 80 fans from almost every corner of Switzerland, as well as from Berlin, Buenos Aires, Lisbon, Athens, and even New York, filmed themselves while listening to the new release of the Timmies’ song «Hot, Cold, With & Without You» ... since, after all, they actually had nothing better to do with their time in the lockdown doldrums.

The riveting result is just under three and a half minutes chock-full of more or less alluringly intimate insights into the strange, eccentric lives of the followers of Zurich’s indie pop‘n‘roll five: all sorts of people listening to the latest single from Tim Freitag’s debut album «Monsters Forever» while mucking out the horse stables, paddling on the lake, or vacuuming a hotel corridor. Even their fans’ dogs can‘t resist this indie banger of a tune -- but whether their canine minds are able to empathize with Tim Freitag‘s wrenching struggle with the revealed, shocking alter-egos of their beloved devotees is still being investigated...