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Lohrd Snohw & Kate Brunotts Release ‘Call Me Deadly’

‘Call Me Deadly’, out on all services on 6 January 2021, is the new Alternative-Electro single from transatlantic collaborators Lohrd Snohw and Kate Brunotts. Lohrd Snohw, aka Cazzie, is based in the East Midlands of the UK, whilst Kate is based in New York.

Both draw on influences from innovative female artists like Lorde, Grimes, FKA Twigs, and Mallrat, and have been carving out places for their own genre bending sounds to the recognition of tastemakers like BBC Introducing and independent blogs.

After connecting through an Independent Female Artist platform and Instagram, ‘Call Me Deadly’ grew across time zones and Whatsapp into the avant-garde electro single you can preview below. The vocal and production styles of both artists fuse into a glittering, cathartic single about self-determination that holds steel at its core.

Kate:“For me, this song is about working hard to break through boxes people put you in. It’s also a reminder that people who criticize you personally just because they don’t prefer your art should be approached with empathy as much as possible— If someone acts like that, they’re probably miserable. “Choking Envy” is a real thing and it’s important for me to focus on retaining my sense of self, especially when it’s not convenient. It’s an honor to co-produce with Cazzie since she’s such a visionary artist and has a lot of innovative ideas that keep you guessing.”

Lohrd Snohw:“‘Call Me Deadly’ is a fierce act of reclaiming power, and moving forward with that power. It's important, always, to claim the way you see yourself as your own and not let that belong to others, however easy that is to do. I really enjoyed getting into that headspace, and I’m really proud of what we’ve built, 99% due to Kate’s excellent production skills. She has been a big inspiration to me this past year, and I’m very grateful to be able to learn from her example. I’m excited to say that ‘Call Me Deadly’ isn’t our last collaboration either, as Kate is bringing her production skills onboard my 2021 project.”