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London alt-rock band Neuromantics welcome summer with their captivating third single ‘Clarity’

Updated: Jul 14, 2019

‘London’s Neuromantics make crunching alt-rock with a personal twist’ CLASH

‘Smooth existential rock piece that sends exhilarating breeze through your system’ AUPIUM

‘It’s one of those songs that’s the perfect road trip song, or the perfect song to write to, it’s not aggressively grasping at your attention it’s just a great song that you remember and if you saw it come on the radio you’d turn it all the way up’ OFF THE RECORD – For Solaris (first single)

‘It hits right in the feels’ THE MUSIC BELOW – For Solaris (first single)

‘The band are just getting started and this is a great second single to launch their career off from - London has yet another quality rock band’ IT’S ALL INDIE – For Invisible (second single)

'With canny melodies and an undeniable musical chemistry on display, ‘Invisible’ sounds like the work of veterans' GRAFFITI VIBE – For Invisible (second single)

“Clarity challenges us to not live in the past but live in the now – that forging your own destiny is possible by taking a leap of faith into the unknown”

Neuromantic’s third single ‘Clarity’ blends intricately woven guitar melodies, feel good vocals, smooth reverberating bass and groovy drum lines to create a catchy, edgy, and memorable tune. Frontman Daniel Pye says “Clarity encourages a path centred on facing your fears and inner demons, exploring and making the most of the opportunities that come along in life, and having the strength to engage in the life for you, not society’s expectations of who or what you should be”.

The track is accompanied by an official music video that cuts between the evening adventures of two strikingly different yet potentially closely intertwined individuals whose respective evenings slowly turn sour until a chance encounter brings them together. The video poignantly incorporates dreamlike flash-forward sequences of a possible alternate life together as the characters navigate the struggles, pain, and uncertainty of their present reality.

Clarity combines intelligent melodic layers, memorable lyrics, and careful attention to detail to ultimately forge another strong track from this emerging outfit.

Neuromantics are a four-piece alt-rock band from London. They consist of Daniel (vocals/guitar/keyboards), Andrew (guitar/keyboards), Daniel (bass/vocals) and Edgars (drums). Originally hailing from various corners of the globe, they were brought together by a myriad of interlinked events which fortuitously lead to their convergence as Neuromantics.

They each bring to the table a wealth of experience from their previous musical endeavours, channeling it through a range of genres and styles, to present an enchanting and idiosyncratic alt-rock sound which fuses pensive lyricism with impassioned vocals, seductive hooks, and hard-hitting rhythms.

The group have taken their captivating live show through a host of renowned London venues and are eager to play further afield as they prepare to release a string of singles in support of their upcoming debut album Crimes of Passion. It was recorded at Puzzle Factory Sound Studios with producer Dax Liniere, and mastered by Sean Diggins.

With praise around the group mounting, Crimes of Passion is set to put them on the map this year as they make it a decisive and instrumental moment in their budding career together.

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