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London based artist Pao Pestana delivers her irresistible single “Quiero Verte”

“Quiero Verte in English ‘I Want to See You’ is my first release as a solo artist. It is a song that speaks about the desire you feel for a person that you can’t have. When I wrote this song I wanted to reflect that feeling of urgency through provocative lyrics written in 'Spanglish' (Spanish - English), layered enchanting vocals and a minimalistic Latinx groove that you won’t be able to resist”.

The Singer and Producer Pao Pestana released her first EP in 2019 with her first music project “Intaya”, attracting support from the likes of: Earmilk, Le Future Wave, The 405, Fubar Radio, Hoxton Radio, Woodburner, VM Radio in New York, amongst others. This experience led her to start writing music for Netflix productions with renowned producer Nat Powers (Snoop Dog, Run DMC's Darryl McDaniels, Death Row Records).

Pao Pestana, this time as a solo artist, travels smoothly between a variety of musical genres and presents a new flavour by merging them with her South American heritage. A captivating potion that reflects a London experience to the rhythm of her unique Latinx swag. “Quiero Verte” will be followed by a series of releases where delicate lyrical subjects like: self discovery, injustice, love, femininity and desire, are approached in a fearless way with a playful bite. The Venezuelan artist creates a sophisticated take on pop music that moves the body and mind simultaneously.

"I want to strengthen the presence of Latinx music in the UK, make it a force that is heard around the world"