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London/LA-based DJ/producer/singer-songwriter AMAZONICA is the Worlds 1st RockStar DJ

Rising up from a dark decade and naming herself after the Brazilian folk legend of magic, suicide and rebirth, the Victoria Amazonica, her penchant for the night has led to a career that is constantly evolving.

Following a crazy rock career where everything that could go wrong did, AMAZONICA took to the decks in 2010, playing clubs and bars across London and vigilantly avoiding the well-worn EDM path of her contemporaries. With a love deep-rooted in 90s Hip Hop, Motown, Indie, Goth, Metal and interlaced with one of 2020’s most innovative hybrid genres, Emo-Rap, her unique, pioneering sound broke the conventions of DJing, and she has fast found herself one of the most in-demand DJs on the planet.

Boasting incredible sets at Hollywood After-Party’s for The OSCARS, Golden Globes, Cannes Film Festival and BAFTAs, she’s also graced stages worldwide. Touring arenas across Europe and the US with Marilyn Manson and Scarlxrd, and through Europe’s grittiest underground clubs opening up for Machine Gun Kelly.

Now shedding that history of industry constraints that have withheld her talent throughout the aughties, Amazonica has left in her wake the previous monikers of, Dirty Harry, which saw her hit the UK Charts and feature on Tommy Lee’s ‘Makin Me Crazy’ and Cradle of Filth’s‘Temptation’, in lieu of what promises to be a sparkling new future that, this time around, rests entirely in her own hands.

In homage to what now feels like a past life, AMAZONICA offers up ‘Songs From The Edge’ Album on her own record label, DIAMONDS x DRAGONS. Produced by Grammy-nominated Luke Ebbin (Rival Schools), written by Amazonica on Guitar, recorded at Henson Studios in LA and with influences stemming from Nirvana, Jane’s Addiction, Hole, L7, The Distillers, The Doors and The Sex Pistols, Songs From The Edge is a love letter to the visceral rock-filled sound of her youth and the first in a trilogy of records that will soon see the rerelease of fan-favourite ‘The Trouble With Harry’ and the arrival of a brand new genre-bending, self-produced record in the Summer of 2021.