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London’s Where We Sleep presents ‘Into The Light’ feat. Debbie Smith (Echobelly, Curve)

"A dive into the dark glamor of PJ Harvey and the assaulting in-your-face delivery of Garbage. This is wholesome stuff, enjoyable and alternative, in a world of pristine pop perfection, this project is scraping with a diamond of intensity at the wall of glass between styles"Peek-a-Boo Magazine

"A winding, noir, and mesmerizing world opens up - one that chugs forward with a wiry, yet resounding guitar line, sporadic tambourine tap, and steady drum strikes. Rettig’s deadpan vocals ride confidently over the stark sonic landscape Big Takeover Magazine

"An electrical groove with an intoxicating beat that creeps under your skin instantly while a harrowing guitar sends shivers down your spine. On top of it comes Rettig‘s mystifying vox. Splintering passion is at play here"Turn Up The Volume

"A shimmering ode to alt-guitar... Where We Sleep prove where they’re headed with a powerful and concise track full of angst and ridden with clarity"Jammerzine

From the ashes of London indie pop outfit Blindness comes the dark and dynamic alt-rock project Where We Sleep. The debut EP 'Experiments In The Dark' releases on May 31. Ahead of this, the present ‘Into The Light’, which features Debbie Smith of Echobelly, Curve and SPC ECO fame on guitar. Smith was also in Blindness and is part of the trio Snowpony with My Bloody Valentine's Debbie Googe and Moonshake's Katharine Gifford.

"Into The Light was inspired by a lot of voices that have shone through the dark for me in the last couple of years and I hope that it can play a small part in paying that forward. I could have gotten very carried away weaving Debbie's filthy guitars around the bassline in this track. She always gives me loads of material to play with which sends me down a rabbit hole of chopping, reversing, time-stretching and adding effects," says Beth Rettig.

With Beth Rettig at the helm for Where We Sleep, this release offers five rich tracks involving several notable collaborations. Apart from Debbie Smith, this project also features Ben Pritchard, formerly of The Fall (and currently in Manc Floyd) and Axel Ray of United Ghosts (and also The Black Windmill and Cadet A).

Dark and rough around the edges, 'Experiments in The Dark' combines synth and live elements. It was recorded in studios between London and Manchester. This follows up Where We Sleep's single 'The First One', released in August 2018, preceded by their debut single 'Veins' in June 2018, also featuring Debbie Smith, and b-side 'Crawl', mixed in Addis Ababa by Guy Fixsen.

"When Blindness ended - solely down to a change in my personal life - I didn't know if I was going to write again. Where We Sleep is the result of discovering that you don't know how not to make music," says Beth Rettig.

Raised in Africa (Nigeria, Botswana and South Africa) and saying goodbye to the days of her Johannesburg band High, Beth Rettig returned to the UK in 2000 and eventually hooked up with Debbie Smith to form Blindness. They had a good run until playing their final gig in 2016, followed by 'The Monsoon EP' in 2007, their final release.

Rettig's music is rooted in an array of influences, including Black Rebel Motorcycle Club, Curve, EMA, Nine Inch Nails, Jesus and Mary Chain, Garbage, Kate Bush, Massive Attack, Patti Smith, PJ Harvey, Pete International Airport, White Rose Movement and The Fall.

As of May 31, 'Experiments In The Dark' will be available across digital stores and streaming platforms. It can also be ordered via Where We Sleep's own Bandcamp site.

CREDITS Music and performance by Where We Sleep Lyrics by Beth Rettig Beth Rettig - vocals and instruments Debbie Smith - guitars on 'Into The Light' Ben Pritchard - lead guitars on 'Control' Axel Ray - lead guitars on 'The Desert' Mixing and Mastering by John Cranmer  Video by Beth Rettig and  Axel Ray

TRACK LIST 1. What I Deserve 2. The Desert 3. Control 4.  Into The Light 5. Experiments In The Dark

Dark photos by Nando Carniel Machado

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