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London synth-pop duo 88/89 drop electrifying track "Hit Me"

Reaching out to let you know that the up and coming British synth-pop duo 88/89 are getting ready to release their electrifying and transcendent single "Hit Me".

With dreamy synths, obscured vocals, and distorted guitar, the rising duo bring a unique and ethereal sound to the indie-pop scene.

Hailing from London, Jack (born in 88) and Michael (born in 89) began carving out a space between synth-pop and psychedelic rock creating a sonic landscape with no boundaries.

The duo deliver a nostalgic and psychedelic single capturing the high points of being in love. Vocally the track is evocative of bands like The Temper Trap, while the soundscape of synths and guitars are resonant with 80s neo-psychedelia and modern synth-pop bands like MGMT.



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