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looseleaf - Ink

Ink is the sexiest song off looseleaf’s sophomore album, Paper Cuts. New York based artists Wesley Edwards and Anthony Marone turn old scars into new art with their latest single. When someone is hurting, sometimes all they want is to be smothered with love; Ink is that passionate love, underscored by a sultry bass and smooth percussion.

Paper Cuts is available on iTunes, Spotify, and all major platforms. Keep up with looseleaf on Instagram @looseleaf_music.

Note: This song should be enjoyed with a martini and cigarette.

LOOSELEAF is Anthony Marone and Wesley Edwards. They started in 2013, writing vibes in their tiny 200 square foot apartment in Hermosa Beach, and landed in New York for their 2nd album. Paper Cuts explores beats from beaches to cities and will fully transport you with each song. Paper Cuts is available on iTunes, Spotify and all major platforms.

“Somewhere between the sunset reflecting on the PCH and the hum of traffic on the GWB, LOOSELEAF resonates. We are the slow ascension into the furthest depths of your brain after a long deep hit. We are the moisture on your tongue after a throwback of Kentucky bourbon. Rounded, mellow beats and dreamy harmonies will take you to a place you'll want to lose yourself in. LOOSELEAF is YOU... e l e v a t e d.”

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