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Los Fiascos’ newest EP ‘Nomadic’ featuring the single ‘Stitch’ was released on June 18

Nomadic is a mix of three songs featuring a range of sounds from punk, ska, and alternative. The EP follows Los Fiascos sound evolution that includes modern production and energy with throwback elements from the late 90’s/early 00’s.

The single ‘Stitch’ is a vibey track with a punk rock edge that explores the emotion of carrying on and moving forward after making a bad decision. It has been described as a ‘fiery performance’ with ‘a blend of genres that worked really well’ by AnalogueTrash and Earmilk.

Los Fiascos is a project by songwriter, Aaron Hanlon, and based out of Phoenix, Arizona. The newest songs are written across the alternative, punk, ska, reggae genres. Each song is conceived as a single and typically not grouped within an 'album or collection' which gives Los Fiascos the freedom to bring different sounds.

Los Fiascos spends significant time with bloggers and playlisters to both promote songs and get feedback and ideas for new tracks. While the songs are written by Aaron, each track typically has guest musicians from the US, Canada, UK, Germany, Italy, Brazil, and Argentina.

Los Fiascos is designed to be a modern, social project. All songs are free on cdbaby and available on all streaming platforms. Any proceeds from streams are donated to 350.org. Respect and love!

Discovered via Musosoup