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Louis Jucker new video and album announcement

Swiss artist Louis Jucker announces new album with new song!

On 30.10. the new album "Something Went Wrong" by Louis Jucker will be released by Hummus Records.

Something Went Wrong is Louis Jucker's most exhaustive work to date. Simple and direct folk and rock songs played with unaltered love for lo-fi sounds, by an artist that has become through the years a very unique and prolific figure of the Swiss alternative music scene. A self-portrait in 10 songs, to face his own ageing with humility, as depicted in the bittersweet home-made video"31 Years of Waiting for This". The release of this new album will also be the right occasion for a luxurious and hand-made re-release of is early back catalogue, including his first and rare album Eight Orphan Songs (2013)

Here you can pre-order the album

But now for the first foretaste of the album the single "31 Years of Waiting for This" 

Louis about the song:

"no need to go wild. one way or another we all end up framed on a wall,

stuck in an album, a picture or a souvenir, blurry in most cases"

Recording studio in the mountains, day 2: what am I doing here? and what is the point of doing it ? who cares anyway? and most of all : do donkeys enjoy music?

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