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LRIGWOC Releases First EP And Art project: LRIGWOC I (Absolute Elsewhere)

For fans of: New Order, The Cure, Augustines, The Flaming Lips, The Smashing Pumpkins, The Velvet Underground, Longwave, REM, Interpol, YYYs and, of course, vintage skin mags, NASA and Nat Geo

LRIGWOC (pronounced: reverse cowgirl) is a music and art project. LRIGWOC I is a 5 song EP by artist Seth Shellhouse interpreted visually in 5 pieces by artist Sinta Jimenez. LRIGWOC is an exercise in collaboration and interpretation: writing for imagery, and visualizing writing. All of the work explores alternate realities, alternate timelines, alternate lives and the theme of cosmic erotica.

LRIGWOC I releases to all major streaming platforms on September 18th, accompanied by the opening of an online shop selling prints of the art and an expanding line of accompanying merch. The EP and corresponding artwork were created remotely in quarantine over the course of summer 2020. The process was very DIY, with the EP being recorded in a home studio (read: converted closet) and artwork made via collage from vintage erotic magazines from the US, France and Japan. The EP outro also contains samples from NASA’s open source sound library. Both Jimenez and Shellhouse are Los Angeles based Maryland natives and career artists.

INSTAGRAM - Sinta Jimenez Art

INSTAGRAM - Seth ShellhouseMusic

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