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Lucas Omni - I Don't Know

Lucas Benn better known as Lucas Omni is an American Contemporary Hip Hop artist and producer that hails from Ames, Iowa. Before Lucas Omni , he dropped many underground singles under the name Lucasyeet. Gaining attention from many influencers like Adam 22 of No Jumper and Lil B after doing 7 million streams under that alias. In his own words “becoming complacent counters results and growth.” “Its all in the energy and the feeling you take away from the record;” says Omni.

Story/Inspiration Behind I Don’t Know:

My name is Lucas Omni, I am 18, and I have been working everyday for two years on my music. In March, I finally started to gain traction, garnering almost 10 million streams cross-platform, which led to my current partnership with Symphonic Distribution. As my music started to advance, my headspace became more chaotic, as friends and family became disingenuous in their interactions. Everyone told me, "I never thought you could do this." or "This can't be you." These unintentionally backhanded comments, combined with a complete dissolution of pride in those to whom I'd never spoken a word, put a fire in me that needed release. I Don't Know came out of that turmoil, and is a statement to everyone that thought this wouldn't happen, that hard work pays off for those who have heart, soul, and pure intentions.

Currently, I am experiencing significant issues with Symphonic, as they have just allowed my new music video to go unclaimed for three days, after spotty short responses for months. It hasn't even been uploaded to shazam yet after a month, and I am trying to run radio promotions that are being stalled by this incompetency. I was promised monetization on my videos, and no ads are running whatsoever. I was promised $20k in promotion for every single, and I received no more views than from my following before symphonic. They signed me for a $10k advance on a 90-10 split, and so far I have gotten nothing from them. I was so excited to take such a big step in my career, but this has turned out to be nothing more than a headache.

I am looking for a family that keeps their word, and would be very grateful for any interest you may take in me. Thank you for your consideration.

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