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At the age of 4, Luigi Carneiro, snuck into his parents room trying to find his dad’s Sony tape recorder. He connected the microphone and registered his voice for the first time with a song his grandmother Noemi used to sing to him at bedtime.

Coming from a family of Opera singers and music lovers, Luigi’s first years were serenaded by an eclectic collection of music by many famous last names like Mozart, Verdi, Copland, Bacharach, Jobim, Buarque, Gershwin, Holst, Bach, Lloyd-Webber and many others.

But everything changed on an average Saturday afternoon in 1973, when his dad put an LP on the record player with “an apple in the middle” and two last names changed the kid’s life: Lennon-McCartney.

From that moment on, Luigi’s future goals changed from becoming an airline pilot, bus driver or F1 driver, to becoming a musician and maybe a pop star. As the years went by, his dreams materialized thru the usual path of most music artists: School bands, Music Festivals, bars, night clubs, shopping malls…anywhere that would give him an opportunity to perform his music.

Another major influence in the direction of Luigi Carneiro’s career, was meeting his longtime friend Marcelo Lima in high-school. They played together for only 3 years, loading drums into tiny cars, playing at bars to a crowd of 3 slightly inebriated, tone deaf, but very friendly patrons. More importantly, it built a strong partnership that lasted for over 3 decades.


Started to take part in musical festivals in Brazil

1984: Singer/songwriter and bass player with the group “Rio”. The group had Marcelo Lima as the guitar player

1987: Formed the band “Zeus” as singer/song writer and keyboard player and Henrique Lima as the guitar player, Mauricio Gallian on bass and Cezar Belmonte on drums.

1988-1992: Joined the band Alderan as Singer/songwriter alongside Ricardo Sdei on bass, Edgard Jr. on keys, Marcelo Ricardo on the guitar and Carlos Arini on drums.

Alderan’s self-title LP was released in 1989. The song “Mágoas”

reached the Top 20 in some radio stations across Brazil.


Performed as a lead singer in multiple live acoustic shows in São Paulo. Joined Schiavon in Concert, an electronic project that performed on popular beach towns in Brazil with crowds of over 20,000 spectators.

1993 to today:

Became one of the most on demand singers/writers on hundreds of TV & Radio Commercial spots, jingles and movie soundtracks. His voice can be heard in over 400 jingles from Volkswagen, Coca-Cola and etc.


Singer and lyricist to the highly popular Japanese animé Yu Yu Hakusho

with thousands of fans and followers in Brazil.

1995-1996: Lead/Back Up Vocals to Brenner Bianco’s first solo album.

1996: Lead/Back up singer on Paul Mounsey’s Nahoo project singing on the albums Nahoo Too and Nahoo 3-Notes from the Republic.

The song “Whenever You Go” from Nahoo Too was chosen as the official anthem for the Scottish Soccer Team during the 1996 Fifa World Cup.

1999: Songwriter along with Luiz Schiavon to 4 songs that were included on the

1999 TV soap opera “Rei do Gado” to resounding success.

2000: After moving to the USA, continued to work with TV & Radio commercial

providing songwriting and vocal services with many studios in Brazil like, Play it Again Studios, Sound Design, Sam Studios amongst others.

2002: Founded “The Basement Studios” and “Cloud Mixer Films”. The studio won

the Utah’s “Best of State Award” in 2004 and 2005.

Produced and co-wrote the album “Del Ragone”


Became the Creative Director for the Advertising Department for the chain of restaurants “Rodizio Grill”, being responsible for all creative of the company’s music, films and printed materials.


Invited his long time friend and first band mate Marcelo Lima, to produce his new album “Staring at Paradise in Times of Chaos”.

Two singles have been released so far, with the song We Work Well Together being streamed worldwide over 400,000 times.

The album is available on iTunes, Apple Music, Spotify, Deezer, Amazon Music, Pandora, iHeart Radio and many other digital platforms around the world.

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