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Luna Keller - Two Chord Song

About 'Two Chord Song'

Two Chord Song is all about the beautiful madness of love. It’s a colourful song with an unconventional arrangement including percussions made with a deck of cards and a CD cover, vocals cut like synth sounds and body percussion. We had a lot of fun creating all the sounds in the studio, coming up with unusual and creative ideas to make the song different and interesting - despite the fact that (as the title implies) it’s only got 2 chords.

That’s how the song actually started: with two chords, and a girl writing a song for a boy she’d fallen in love with. It was one of the first songs I wrote for my boyfriend whom I’m now sharing my madness with for over three years, and who’s on the cover of the song with me. This makes the song a very personal and important one. And it makes me happy to see how the song grew - just like we did as a couple - from two chords to a piece with many layers.

For me it’s a public celebration of a wonderful relationship that has made me grow as a person and enriched my live throughout the last years (and hopefully many to come!). That´s what Two Chord Song is about, sharing your madness with someone without shame or fear. Dreaming together, laughing, dancing… it’s about that feeling that you get when you’re in love. The feeling that everything is possible!


Since I wrote the song for and about my boyfriend it only seemed right to feature him in the video. So after talking to him about it we started choreographing the dance scene. Meanwhile I started working with Pol Camarero who filmed and edited the video, we both agreed on the dance scene but we were still looking for more ideas. So we made lists of scenes based on the things that my boyfriend and I actually do together.

Integrating how our first date was a picknick, our love for playing video games and chess… we narrowed our ideas down and scouted locations. After we had a script, a location and a choreography we started filming. We filmed the whole video in one Weekend thanks to Pol and his camera assistant Patrick Klossas. And then Pol worked his editing magic. When I first saw the video I almost cried, it’s not just a music video to me, it’s also a portrait of the wonderful relationship I’m in.

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