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Märvel - Keep Pushin' - First single from new album

Märvel Keeps Pushin’ on. The band just announced their upcoming album ’Guilty Pleasures’. Today the first single ’Keep Pushin’ is released on all digital platforms. It's no secret that this masked Swedish powertrio have some guilty pleasures going for them! In the first single, the band puts a new spin to REO Speedwagon's classic track: highlighting everything good while making it dangerous and wild. The track is a Märvelized rock 'n' roll beast!

The King, the Vicar and the Burger about their first song of choice:

"You saw their albums in the ads on the back of the swedish OKEJ magazine but the music just seemed too polished and not heavy enough so we never cared to look any closer. Meanwhile, back in modern times, this song of theirs played over the end credits of some tv program and we were immediately hooked! 3 damn chords playing over and over again to a fantastic groove while the lead singer is putting his heart into lyrics about never giving up.”

The upcoming album is released by The Sign Records in the spring of 2019. The album's called ’Guilty Pleasures’ and contains 10 great songs that have all been given the Märvel rock 'n' roll upgrade. We know you like the tracks even if you perhaps don’t admit to it yet. The band is currently hosting a rock quiz on their facebook page counting down the days up until they expose their next GUILTY PLEASURE - with a new song released the first Friday in each month up until the album release. Märvel released their latest album ’At the Sunshine Factory’ in 2017 on The Sign Records. Before that the band have had successes with albums such as ’Warhawks of War’ (Killer Cobra Records), ’Hadal Zone Express’ (KCR) and 'The Hills Have Eyes’ (KCR). The band is today one of the most popular rock 'n' roll experiences a stage can host in Scandinavia.

A guilty pleasure is something, such as a film, a television program or a piece of music, that one enjoys despite feeling that it is not generally held in high regard, or is seen as unusual or weird. For example, a person may secretly like a movie knowing that the movie is poorly made and generally seen as "not good." (Märvelpedia)

Märvel celebrates the single release 2/11 by playing the Skövde In Rock festival!

The new album will be released by The Sign Records during the spring of 2019.

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