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Madu is back with new single Catcher in the Bourbon

Madu is an independent solo artist from Helsinki, Finland. His music combines alternative electronic pop with darkwave, post-punk, and emo aesthetics. He writes, produces, and records the music by himself and co-mixes the material with a long time friend and music collaborator Toni Nykänen. Being a graphic designer, Madu also designs the artwork and places great care and emphasis on the visual narrative of his music.

Madu describes his music as being catchy in a weird way and weird in a catchy way: ”Artistically ambitious oddity and straightforward pop hooks are usually considered as counterparts. I think somewhere between is a place where both work together; that’s where I’m striving for with my music.”

Madu’s debut single Home of Strangers dropped in October. His second single Catcher in the Bourbon will be released on December 11, 2020.

Madu’s comments: Whereas Home of Strangers was a challenging banger with post-hardcore vibes, my second single Catcher in the Bourbon is a more easily approachable pop track. A quirky ode to OldFashioned cocktails or a tragic story about prioritizing alcohol before friends—either one could be used to describe the song. The occult undertones first introduced in Home of Strangers have also made their way into this track—a recurring theme in my upcoming material, as well. 80s new wave, horror movies, Run DMC, and Don Draper’s favorite drink all served as influence for this song.