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"Man On the Moon" is Planistry's second single from their upcoming album "Confucktion"

The song tells a story about a person who has lived his life at full throttle and no brakes, and finally comes to a point where one should take responsibility for their actions. "Man On the Moon" is a catchy modern bluesrock song with a traditional groove. The song's music video is linked to a 1902 silent film "A Trip To the Moon", which plays a significant role in the history of film-making. This reference is a salutation towards art. Some may have heard the raw version of the song.

The band's history is already long and eventful, but the group we know today has played together only for a few years.

The concept of "Confucktion" is associated with the tragedy in early 2000s, when songwriter Tarmo Tikkinen's otherwise idyllic hometown Parikkala was shadowed by frequent suicides among young adults. Due to this, Parikkala was listed among the top municipalities per capita in Finland's suicide statistics for several years. Since those days Tikkinen has played in a number of bands striving for success, but witnessing such tragic incidents in early adulthood have partially prolonged the now 32-year-old musician's career. After moving to the city of Lappeenranta in 2008, Tikkinen started building a wider network of musicians that later on contributed to the formation of Planistry - for example, singer JP Suomalainen and bass player Anssi Lohko are original members of Planistry. To get the band to the next level, Tikkinen was the first band member to move to capital area in 2015 and straight away began the process of writing the band's new album. "Confucktion" and its songs were created in memory of all those who lost their lives in such senseless act of youth.

"Parikkala is the kind of village where everyone knows each other somehow. Making music has been a way for me to organize my thoughts and to deal with the loss of friends, band members, roommates and others in the community. I can't even tell you how I feel for their families and loved ones", Tikkinen describes.

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