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Manchester’s Alt-Rock outfit resurface after 25 years with a blistering new 12 track album

After a 25 year hiatus Manchester's indie rock outfit Kerosene return with a blistering new album, inspired by both the blossoming DIY music scene akin to their punk ethos and the dystopian world we find ourselves in.

'Circadian' plays on the bizarre rhythms we see across this globe, as we repeat the same errors of previous generations, sleepwalking through environmental destruction, political polarisation, futile wars and conflicts - pursuing spurious technological goals - all of which are destined to lead to our own extinction.

Is there hope?

Is there love?

Is there a future?

Free from their previous shackles of major label recording (Sire/Warners’) the band are now at liberty to explore their own direction and sound, taking over all audio, video and artwork production themselves.

‘Circadian’ is a body of work bursting with vitality as the band respond to the broken world around us, referencing current global political and environmental issues, their love of cult literature (you won’t have to look to deep for some blatant references), art house cinema and the most obscure of international musicians.

“We don't want you to hope. We want you to panic! We want you to feel the fear that we feel everyday! And then we want you to act!”

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