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Manic Carbon - The Reset Era

Manic Carbon is a band risen from the ashes of yesterday's internet. Its members, spread between four cities and two continents, met on a long-dead music forum in the mid-2000's. Today, they make music by sending tracks back and forth, building and improvising on each other's ideas. "The Reset Era," the band's first music video, is a nostalgic journey that hearkens back to 16-bit video games and psychedelic summers, as the protagonist descends into a hyperreal world of save states and Game Overs, a world where everything, even life itself, can be reset. Starring bassist Karter AKA and featured vocalist Princess Squish, "The Reset Era" is sure to please fans of Superorganism, Animal Collective, Toro Y Moi, and Kero Kero Bonito.

We are a new band, though our members have been making music for years. Sadsic is a successful solo artist whose work has been reviewed on TheNeedleDrop and elsewhere, while Karter AKA is a member of L.A. rock outfit Squid Cult.

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