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MARBL - You're on my Mind

“You’re on my Mind” is a pure longing song, telling the story of a moment MARBL once found herself lingering in. It was one autumn afternoon, being alone at home with the loneliness sneaking in, she closed her eyes and reached a different point in time, where she filled the void with the warm feeling she had been missing.

Having entered that state, to have been so vividly present in the moment and having left the past behind, undressed from future hopes and ignored the consequences of ones wild thoughts, it was needed to say out loud: “You’re on my mind!”.

Together with video director/creator Tomer Levi, they are telling the story of an ageless lady, living in a majestic house and reminisces about her past loves. The story of where time and memories becomes blurry and mixed, in the hazy daydreaming environment.

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Discovered via Musosoup