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Genre-fluid punk rap queen Marina Massanova is to release her latest feel-good anthem “Dank'o'holic” on the 15th of September 2020. The heavy-hitter is the perfect soundtrack to anybody who likes a good drink. Touching on subjects like partying and alcoholism, the timeless track is inspired by alcohol addiction. It is quite possibly one of the most uplifting tracks about the subjects, bringing raw bars with emotional, upbeat hooks.

The music video was all taken in one intimate shot, baring Marina’s soul as she goes wild in the music studio. She wrote the song after her friend said she should stop writing songs about love. Being a bit of a boozer she instead suggested she wrote some music about being passed out on the floor drunk out of her mind. The song is the perfect recollection of a drunk woman having a great time. She took all the best memories of partying and brought in rapper Chris Jenkins to write the song together. The infectious beat perfectly captures the vibe of the track, giving the feel of a drunk person trying to play guitar over loose, heavy-hitting rhythms.

The release comes after the Ukrainian singer has spent some time bringing her anthems to the global stage. The emerging singer has shown off her show-stopping performances in prime time TV and some of the country's biggest radio stations. Her performances are electrifying, eclectic and intimate, as Marina bares her soul for all the world to see. She’s currently working on her first full-length album which will showcase her new found punk rap style.


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