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MarionvilleModels is a Scottish dreamy-indierock duo from Edinburgh. The band consists of vocalist, guitarist and songwriter Jake Barry and producer and multi-instrumentalist Jack Davis. They are assisted in their recording and live performance by a rotating cast of close friends and family members. Having performed together in various groups since the age of 13, the band has spent the last 2 years recording their forthcoming self-titled debut album at their home studio in West Edinburgh. Initially inspired by their beloved Beatles in-studio eclecticism, and the contemporary guitar stylings of groups such as Tame Impala and Spoon, the record has grown to encompass a range of styles which showcase Jake’s intense, dynamic songwriting and Jack’s inventive and original production which succeeds in uniting seemingly disparate strands to form a thrilling and cohesive whole.

The first single and album opener, ‘Reminds Me’ is a glistening highway anthem which owes as much of a debt to 80’s New Wave acts such as The Cars as it does to modern indie bands such as The War On Drugs. (was released: April 17th)

The second single, ‘Over So Soon’ is 3:30 minutes of psychy, shoegaze goo. Reminiscent of early Kevin Parker in parts, this single shows the band’s originality to the core and promises to be an exciting injection into 2020’s Roster of new music. (release: May 8th)

The third and final single, ‘Summer Fur’ reflects the bands nostalgia for late 90’s alt rock. It’s stripped back verses and anthemic choruses inspire a breadth of feeling which take the listener on a recognisable journey without ever sounding too familiar. (release: May 29th)

‘Punta Prima’, ‘National Joke’ and ‘Cara’ are suggestive interludes ruminating on the changing atmosphere within the home studio where the duo have based themselves for the past 6 months. With a nod to bands such as Real Estate and Boards of Canada, these interjections give the listener context and space in which to enjoy the album.

Discovered via Musosoup