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MASASOLO's new single is like a weird lovechild of Flaming Lips and Frank Ocean

Danish band Masasolo have been one of Copenhagens secret gems for a while now. Their last album “At Sixes and Sevens” was voted amongst the 20 best Danish albums in 2017 by Danish magazine Soundvenue. They have been heavy rotation and Danish alternative radio P6 beat, been featured on hype machines top 50, blogs like HillyDilly and Indie Shuffle and even KCRW had their song “Really Thought She Loved Me” in rotation.

Danish vocalist, guitar player and producer Morten Søgaard is the man behind Masasolo. He uses the band as an outlet for musical experimentation and as a personal diary of the joys and pains of being a dreamer entering adulthood. Masasolo has its distinct guitar-driven psych sound and many have compared them to Flaming Lips, Tame Impala or UMO.

After touring Europe with their last album Masasolo is now ready to release new music.

"You Got That Something" is a mellow and groovy lovesong about falling in love with a girl on Instagram. It’s both heavily distorted with biting fuzz guitars but at the same time a straight and forward pop song - like a weird lovechild of Flaming Lips and Frank Ocean.

The song is recorded and produced by Masasolo and mixed by Masasolo and Masa Brian Batz from Sleep Party people. It’s released on Masasolo’s own label Mother Russia

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