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Acclaimed Blues-Rockers MASK Return With New Single 'Smiling Assassin'

"Consistently raw rock group who have a penchant for telling it like it is" - Hot Press

"MASK are bringing truth and passion back to rock music, proving that though life can often threaten to get in the way, the ability to create real music is always there." - Louder Than War

Returning with the new single 'Smiling Assassin' MASK have once again demonstrated their ability to capture a Beatles-esque charm whilst still retaining a firmly current and fresh sound. Leaning heavily on their Blue's go Indie-Rock tendencies, the new single is instantly comparable to Miles Kane and Arctic Monkey's recent album 'Tranquility Base Hotel And Casino'. Muted drums, biting guitars and crunchy organ bounce knowingly under H's vocals creating a shady and grubby feel, perfectly painting the picture of the untrustworthy character described in the song.   

MASK are led by H (guitar/vocals) who is based in Belfast, along with childhood friends Daz (bass) and Craig (guitar/vocals), the band are spread across Northern Ireland, England and Scotland – in fact, with well over 1100 miles between their locations, it would be far easier to have given up years ago. MASK are the antithesis of your typical rock stars – they describe themselves as unapologetically un-cool, working dads that sometimes find the time to still write and play music together BUT always manage to make exciting music that breaks the mould of the everyday indie band.



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