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Massive Issue presents child-like creativity and joyful curiosity on their new music video

Finnish indie rock band Massive Issue has released a new music video to their song "Crosshairs" from their latest album "Awry".

Vocalist/Guitar player Antti Mäkinen comments on the video: "Crosshairs. A song for the curious. We are born with limitless curiosity. However, most of us are raised to fill a particular mould. From early childhood, our minds are limited to what our parents and our communities consider to be proper. We are expected to preserve a way of thinking. One that is not chosen, but given. Crosshairs is about challenging these restrictions and awakening that child who really has nothing to give a fuck about in life. 

This time around, we really invested our efforts into making a music video. During this project we have worked with adept individuals whom we are stocked to have met. With the help of these guys, we have managed to vividly capture the story behind the lyrics.

After touring our debut-album Awry, we have settled down, and will not be playing any live shows for a few weeks. As it may often happen during fall(whenever we're not undergoing manic depression), we feel inspired. Therefore, we have begun writing some new material, tweaking around with our sounds and expanding our musical horizons, hoping that next year we can release more intriguing and innovative music for you guys to listen."

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