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Megan Core Releases Caffeine Fix

24-year-old singer/song-writer Megan Core returns with her third single of 2020, Caffeine Fix, a folksy rock jam serving as a conversation starter about mental health. Caffeine Fix is set for public release on Friday the 28th of August.

Caffeine Fix is raw, powerful and packed with energy, contrasting previous releases which saw Megan explore a delicate and vulnerable sound. Sonically, Caffeine Fix hits like a warm cup of bean juice with layered strings, pounding drums and Megan’s up-tempo vocals.

Megan’s folk-inspired song writing always contains a deeper message, with a penchant for story telling, Caffeine Fix makes the comparison between physical injury and mental anguish:

Although this track is predominantly about emotional wellbeing, the song lyrics came to exist because I had broken my finger and was (frustratingly) unable to play guitar, which was a big part of my life and work. My sister told me to write a song about it, so I did… and it turned into a discussion exploring physical injury vs mental health, and how they are both so common – but unlike a physical injury, mental health issues can be silent, invisible, intangible and not as comfortably spoken about, which often leaves them unsaid and negatively impacting people’s lives. - Megan Core

With 2020 being her first year of releases Megan has made an impact, fast, securing placements with Blunt Mag, community radio and local media. Her debut release, Twenty Something reached over 3000 streams and was aired nation wide with Peyton from Blunt Mag stating: "With an authentic touch, and a purity to her music, Megan Core is the best of all of us."